Our Testimonials

The Illuminati changed my life and directed my life towards the light. I am very grateful to be a part of such an elite group.
It’s just not changing my life but we are changing mankind. Thanks to Agent Christopher b Livingstone

Amethyst R

I learned about Illuminati is always there for you and direct your life to the light. I started, joined and see the changes, now Illuminati is my life.
Sandra D.

I found my purpose of life, that I been searching for the whole of my life now I am here. I work for humanity now, this is the best dream of my life comes true now Hail Thanks to Agent Christopher B Livingstone Illuminati!!!!!!!

My whole life changed now, this is the light Illuminati effect. I never afraid of walking out now, going to college making friends this is the best moment in my life. Now I dedicated my life to humanity and to all human beings.

Collin H.

Everyone from different aspects of life where ever they are,are entitled and free to join the illuminati supreme society supposed they are ready to be guided by the illuminati grandmaster and ready to follow all his directives,membership request to join the illuminati is free but member are expected to pay a minimum amount which will be used to purchase their items which will be used for their initiation into the illuminati.

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